PIANC RecCom Technical Reports

Here is the complete list of the Technical Report prepared by international Working Groups of experts managed by the Commission.

(Free download for PIANC members)


Documents for free download

Here find a selection of documents for free download. With compliments of the Recreational Navigation Commission of PIANC.

Position Papers

-       Recreational Navigation in Coastal and Inland Waters’ (English version)

Translated also in:

-       Rekreační plavba v pobřežních a vnitrozemských vodách Souborné stanovisko (Czech version)

-       Harrastusnavigatsioon ranniku- ja sisevetel Arvamuskiri (Estonian version)

-       جايگاه ناوبري تفريحي در سواحل و آب‌هاي داخلي (Iranian version)

-       ’La Navigazione da Diporto in Acque Costiere e Interne’ (Italian version)

-       ’Navegação de Recreio em Águas Costeiras e Interiores’ (Portuguese version)


 Presentation received during the RecCom meetings

Presentations at the occasion of the 66th RecCom Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 10, 2015

- Presentation Cecilia M. Norman: "Recreational Navigation Infrastructure Development in Argentina"

Presentations at the occasion of the 65th RecCom Meeting in Flanders, Belgium on February 3-4, 2015

-       Presentation Isabelle D’Hooghe‘Newport Storm Surge Barrier’

-       Presentation Isabelle D’Hooghe‘Newport – Ferry’

-       Presentation on ‘PIANC – Dredging’

-       Presentation on ‘Newport Today and the Expansion of the Marina (RON-Project)’

-       Presentation Niels Vanmassenhove on ‘History Marina Blankenberge

-       Presentation Niels Vanmassenhove on ‘Slope Newport Ganzepoot

-       Presentation on ‘Sedimentation of the Harbour Channel – Blankenberge

-       Presentation Niels Vanmassenhove on ‘Architectural Design Storm Return Walls Marina Blankenberge

-       Presentation Niels Vanmassenhove on ‘Storm Surge Measures Ports Flemish Coast’

-       Presentation ‘PIANC RecCom – February 3, 2015’

-       Presentation ‘PIANC RecCom Flanders Coast – February 3, 2015’


Presentation at the occasion of the 62nd RecCom Meeting in Goteborg, Sweden on 20-21 Sep 2013

-       Download the presentation Mr T. Wedebrand


Presentation at the occasion of the NordPIANC Meeting 2013 in Norway

-       Download the presentation Mr H. Andreassen 


Presentation at at the occasion of the 58nd RecCom Meeting in Paris, France on 19 Oct 2011

‘ODYSSEA’ of the Fédération française des Ports de Plaisance and European and Grouping of Co-Operation Odyssea

-       PowerPoint presentation

-       Video


Presentations given at the occasion of the 58nd RecCom Meeting in Nagoya, Japan on 10 Sep 2010 (125th PIANC Anniversary event):

-       Presentation Mr Srivastava

-       Presentation Mr YP Loke


Free Technical Reports

(The whole collection of the RecCom Technical reports is downloadable from the PIANC website, free for PIANC members.)

Catalogue of Prefabricated Marina Elements - RecCom Report 131 - April 2014 issue


Fliers, Brochures

- PIANC RecCom flyer - 2014 


RecCom Action Plans

RecCom Action Plan 2014-2018

RecCom Action Plan 2010-2014 

RecCom Action plan 2006-2010

RecCom Action Plan 2002

RecCom Action Plan 2000-2004


RecCom Annual Reports

RecCom Annual Report 2016

RecCom Annual Report 2015

RecCom Annual Report 2014

RecCom Annual Report 2013

RecCom Annual Report 2012

RecCom Annual Report 2011

RecCom Annual Report 2010

RecCom Annual Report 2009

RecCom Annual Report 2008

RecCom Annual Report 2007

RecCom Annual Report 2006



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