The PIANC RecCom manages several activities with the aim to implement the stated RecCom Action Plan, that is compliant with the Strategic Plan of PIANC.

The RecCom meets face to face twice a year, in spring and autumn. One meeting a year is preferably held at PIANC HQ in Bruxelles, the other one is held in a special venue, as Commission stated from the commission in the meeting plan.

The RecCom is usually invited to have meetings all over the world, expecially in conjunction of international events related with the Commission activity. 

Among the statutory activities,discussed and managed during the meetings, these can be listed:

- Production of high quality Technical Reports

- Managing the "PIANC Marina Excellence Design "Jack Nichol" Award

- Managing the "PIANC Marina Designers Training Program"

- Managing the "Catalogue of Prefabricate Marina Elements


RecCom meeting #60, II-2012 - Barcelona, Spain

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